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Data collection

We have established a best practice data bank as a part of the DELTS (i.e. Doping E-learning Tools) research project. The data bank is aimed towards people who use performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs), health care providers, the fitness community and other stakeholders. 
If you have materials that you would like to contribute to the data bank please fill in the form below. We're looking to include materials that discuss harm reduction, prevention, educational information, and medical information. This can include, but is not limited to, links to websites, links to video and audio material, posters (digital), flyers (digital), diagrams, PDF or Word documents. We are also looking to include information on currently running PIED-related projects.  
Before the possible inclusion in the data bank all submitted materials will be assessed by the DELTS team. Inclusion does not mean endorsement by the DELTS project and rejection merely indicates that the material does not fit within the aims of the data bank.
Please feel free to share information about this initiative throughout your networks.
Separate with comma (,)
Please provide links to scientific evidence, best practice guidelines, etc. that you’ve used in developing the materials to show their evidence-base