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Title of the project/material: Eigen Kracht
Short description (max. 1000 characters):
True Strength – Eigen Kracht in Dutch - is the campaign of the Anti-Doping Authority the Netherlands for the fitness industry and wants to inform athletes about the risks of using anabolic steroids and other prohibited substances. It also advocates clean sports and educates athletes about healthy and efficient ways to achieve their goals.
Intervention type (choose one or more options) :
  • Educational
  • Prevention
Setting (choose one or more options):
  • Fitness environment
  • Healthcare provider space
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Target group (choose one or more options):
  • People who use PIEDs
  • Young people
  • Other groups who are at risk of using
  • People who work with people who use PIEDs
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Country/ language (If possible, mention the country where the material originates from & in what language(s) it's available): Dutch and English
Keywords (Please add 2-3 keywords that best describe the material): doping, fitness, prevention
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