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Title of the project/material: Real Winner
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"The first version of Real Winner was released in 2008, and has been an international success. Real Winner is optimized for both PC, tablet and mobile use. Anti-Doping Norway launched the new version of “Real Winner” in the summer of 2015. The program has been developed in collaboration with Anti-Doping Denmark and the Norwegian company Transform. Real Winner provides basic anti-doping knowledge, and offers information about the doping control process, the prohibited list, food supplements and several other topics through videos, facts and assignments.It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete all seven modules. The program is translated and used by several national anti-doping agencies and international federations. In total, 70 000 people have registered for Real Winner and 55 000 athletes and leaders have completed all seven modules. Each module lasts between 3-4 minutes, and is built up of videos, exercises and facts.

Doping Control Procedures
The Prohibited list
Breach of Anti-doping regulations
Consequences to health
Dietary Supplements
Therapeutic Use Excemption (and)
The program is developed in cooperation with Antidoping Norway and Anti Doping Denmark.

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