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Title of the project/material: Drug Free Sport New Zealand-Level One
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Drug Free Sport NZ has introduced three state-of-the-art e-learning programmes to ensure that as many athletes, coaches and support personnel as possible get access to anti-doping education. Our online programmes enable athletes and support personnel to access a range of modules about the anti-doping rules and the risks of doping from anywhere in the world at any time. The programmes provide more athletes than ever before with comprehensive education to help them understand their responsibilities to clean sport and the risks associated with doping. E-Learning also provides links to DFSNZ's Twitter feed, online videos and resources LEVEL ONE The seven module Level One anti-doping education programme covers essentials such as:

prohibited substances and methods
taking medications while competing
the risks of supplement use and;
drug testing
Intervention type (choose one or more options) : Educational
Setting (choose one or more options):
  • Fitness environment
  • Other
Other setting, please specify: Both elite and recreational/amateur athletes
Target group (choose one or more options):
  • Young people
  • Other groups who are at risk of using
  • Other
Other target group, please specify: Both elite and recreational/amateur athletes
Country/ language (If possible, mention the country where the material originates from & in what language(s) it's available): English
Keywords (Please add 2-3 keywords that best describe the material): Other formal training, supplement use, medication
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