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Title of the project/material: Drug Free Sport New Zealand- Anti-doping education seminars
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Anti-doping education seminars are at the core of Drug Free Sport New Zealand's education programme. Seminars are designed to reinforce the values of clean sport and to provide key information to athletes. Seminars include: an overview of the anti-doping rules, a discussion of the WADA Prohibited List, how to avoid inadvertent doping using Drug Free Sport NZ's athlete support services, a demonstration of a doping control test, the distribution of resources to assist athletes to compete clean. Seminars are delivered by experienced anti-doping educators and can be tailored specifically for the audience as required. Each seminar takes approximately 45 minutes.
Intervention type (choose one or more options) : Educational
Setting (choose one or more options):
  • Fitness environment
  • Other
Other setting, please specify: Both elite and recreational/amateur athletes
Target group (choose one or more options):
  • People who use PIEDs
  • Young people
  • Other groups who are at risk of using
  • Other
Other target group, please specify: Both elite and recreational/amateur athletes
Country/ language (If possible, mention the country where the material originates from & in what language(s) it's available): English
Keywords (Please add 2-3 keywords that best describe the material): Informal training, anti-doping, clean sport
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