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Title of the project/material: Anabolic Steroids hardcore info (3rd edition)
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The original UK compact users guide to anabolic steroids has been fully revised and updated for this 3rd edition, published in July 2018.

Aims: To provide information about the nature and effects of more than thirty types of steroid and related products. It includes information about effects, doses, side effects, dangers, and harm reduction advice.

Aimed at: Bodybuilding steroid users aged 18+.

36 full colour pages – available to read and download free in pdf format
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  • Educational
  • Harm reduction
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  • Fitness environment
  • Healthcare provider space
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  • People who use PIEDs
  • Other groups who are at risk of using
  • People who work with people who use PIEDs
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Country/ language (If possible, mention the country where the material originates from & in what language(s) it's available): English, written for a UK audience
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