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Title of the project/material: Human Enhancement Drugs
Short description (max. 1000 characters):
The goal of the Human Enhancement Drug website is to provide evidence-based information on the growing field of human enhancement drugs. They have collated and developed a range of health materials and educational videos and reproduced tool kits produced by a number of organisations. Pamphlets and posters on the website are intended to assist health care providers and people who consume enhancement drugs in obtaining information on all types of human enhancement drugs.
Intervention type (choose one or more options) :
  • Educational
  • Harm reduction
Setting (choose one or more options):
  • Healthcare provider space
  • Educational institution
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Target group (choose one or more options):
  • People who use PIEDs
  • Young people
  • Other groups who are at risk of using
  • People who work with people who use PIEDs
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Country/ language (If possible, mention the country where the material originates from & in what language(s) it's available): UK / English & Danish
Keywords (Please add 2-3 keywords that best describe the material): anabolic steroids, evidence based information, negative effects, stigma
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