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This 24-month Erasmus+ Sport project (2018 – 2019) is a significant step forward in improving doping prevention strategies in the EU. Prevention evaluation helps to improve the quality and delivery of anti-doping programs, and to save money and resources for services that are effective.

The project brings together a diverse team of academics, health care providers, fitness industry representatives and anti-doping workers. The consortium includes seven partners – Dopinglinkki at A-Clinic Foundation (FI), Lithuania Anti-Doping Agency (LT), The Mainline Foundation (NL), Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moores University (UK), Folkhälsan (FI) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), and the University of New South Wales (AU) – who represent a geographically and expertise-wise wide spectrum of stakeholders in their respective countries.

The design of the project involves the following steps:

  1. Creating a standardized evaluation methodology: A mixed methods design will be used to evaluate eLearning tools incorporating an online survey and individual structured interviews.
  2. Evaluating PIED eLearning tools: During this project we will evaluate three e-learning tools. One is aimed at healthcare providers (Dopinglinkki Healthcare Provider Tool) and two are aimed at the fitness industry (Dopinglinkki Fitness Tool and the SafeYou app).
  3. Improve PIED Prevention: by evaluating the effectiveness of PIED eLearning tools we aim to improve prevention materials and health education in the field of PIEDs. Evaluation is essential for the quality assurance of eLearning tools and to determine if it achieves its goals and meets its objectives – in this case improving PIED-related knowledge of healthcare providers, fitness instructors, and other stakeholders/end-users.